This is just the Beginning

     At the start of a new risk to change my life into the way I want to live; I present to you the perception of my life and some comments on the [Fashion] society. All of the basic rules do not apply to me-especially those known as common sense for us, fashion people. I believe you can wear whatever the hell* you want regardless of what is trending, what everyone is wearing/talking about, the season, weather, location and occasion. However, one must be sensible when it comes to weather and respectable when it comes to location and occasion.
     I have always seen my life in a symbolic form, whenever I saw it, in it’s darkest and relate-able way. -Sometimes in it’s electrifying way, as well.  I believe what one wears says where they want to go in their own lives and what they want to do. Whether you see it or not, one’s outfit is a reflection of how they feel (emotionally) and what they’re thinking (mentally) and, of course, an insight to their way of life.
     In terms of entertainment and you’re on stage, the outfits relate to the meaning behind the song. That would be in a “Fuck society and what it wants me to be!!” kind of way. That’s how I imagine it, anyway.  
For example: Wearing red  for any stage performance symbolizes narcissism in it’s own obvious way. Its a powerful color that indicates love as well.  The way I see it: “I’m going to show you who’s boss around here!!” Haha 
The greatest fashion lesson I’ve ever learned is dress for yourself, never doubt yourself, and hopefully you will achieve attractiveness to the world and others. But never doubt your own choices. Never be constricted by rules.” -Andre Leon Talley
When I first read this quote, I thought, ‘Preach it!’ That’s exactly what I do and don’t do. I’d rather impress myself than others…case in point: “Perception is always more important than reality.” –Laws of a modern woman
Ooohh btw, weren’t those “fashion rules” created for us to break? I wonder who still follows them.

Also: I just to want say that I don’t like that some people perceive what one wears in a psychological perspective. Annnndd: I don’t remember the source for the quotes I’ll be using. However, I find these quotes from reliable sources and platforms(namely, tumblr).

*I don’t mean to curse, unless its necessary. I usually don’t curse at all.     

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