Legendary Dream

     The legend says when you are awake late at night, you are awake in someone else’s dream. Curious. I’m awake past midnight almost every night. Who is dreaming about me? Is it one person or is it a bunch of people? I’ve always wanted to know. Hahaha…I can just imagine what they might be dreaming about and why its about me!
     Have you ever dreamed in color that is vividly colorful, its like an HD movie? You can see every detail around yourself and the details on your own outfit. It feels like the dream is much longer than seven minutes. Mostly lucid-of course. It feels like all five of my senses are heightened in my dreams. I am very aware of what is going on, I notice everything and whenever a new moment arises, I realize it immediately. Most people don’t remember what they dreamt about years ago or even last night. It takes practice to recall a dream as if its a memory. Its takes a lot more to control what happens in your dream, a few years if you’re really good.
   What does this have to do with her perception of street style?
Some outfits appear to be “dreamy” or fantasy-if you will. While others look they should be wearing it on stage, in a music video/fashion film or an editorial. That’s exactly how I see street style. You don’t have to be wearing something, because everyone else is wearing it, like I said. Its a performance, to me. Sometimes, I wonder why some bloggers are simply standing or walking around on their blog. I love seeing them in different poses or jumping around and actually moving in their clothes, instead of just, “viewing their fit.” (Seeing how the clothes fit the person with each piece of the outfit.) I want to see the clothes come alive off the photo, the way the story comes alive in a book-use your imagination.
     Whenever I see an intergalactic pattern on a dress, jacket or  pants, I imagine its a mystery into one’s soul. Its everything you could imagine and more. Who cares if you are corrected by them, more insight to you. The galaxy pattern speaks to me on a musical level Whenever I hear the song, “Thinkin bout you,” I imagine stars growing brighter and brighter with each beat as well as multiple stars  gleaming simultaneously as the beat plays at the same time. (Maybe that’s the sound stars make when they shine brighter. That’s how I hear it.) Cue infinity and forever where the black hole and any other galaxy that is far, far, away, where the future is held, “in the stars.” I don’t exactly believe in that kind of thing. The thought of forever has never-ending possibilities(kind of like an over active mind in the evening, when the constellations are visible.) and you’ll always wonder what happens in the galaxy you don’t know enough of. If you’re like me and have seen movies in the genre of fantasy and/or  episodes of the show, “Futurama,” you probably have a good idea about life in another galaxy or another planet, whichever you prefer.
     Depending on the colors of the galaxy print, my choice would be how I perceive the night sky and what is beyond it. If it is a mix of dark blues and bright greens with a little metallic silver here and there: It would have calming vibe, perhaps royal; mixed with power, relaxation and feeling natural; sprinkled with timeless purity.  Outfits like these and the craziness of those usually inspire me in terms of where I would wear the clothes and how I would put it together with the shoes, jewelry and of course shades to either use it in full galaxy form or put it together with some things I see in my mind. If I were in another galaxy or near a starburst, I would be the one that changes the world with a burst of light and inspire you with colors and the colors that changes shapes as often as I want. It is the intergalactic universe, after all.

-Or maybe I’m just thinking its a yellow starburst and its very stimulating and activates my memory.

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