Have you ever felt so free?

     As a wild creature, you are free as you want to be. You wake to your habitat full of tall trees, some covered in vines, wild flowers around you, wild bushes in the surrounding area. You hear bugs buzzing and flick them away with your tail or ear. You smell the fragrance of after-rain in the morning after the rain fall, the evening before. The fragrance is revealed from the flowers as well, filling the aroma will soft and invigorating scents. The flora which houses fruit plants makes the air even sweeter. While the creature lies atop the branches in the treetops searching for prey to start the day, one is watching the birds fly across the sky in search for a mate and some monkeys jumping and swinging from branch to branch to gather their meal for the group and themselves.
     Like most creatures of this family, they have great camouflage in the density of the canopy and on the floor of the jungle. In the evening, prey who aren’t quick to escape nor aware of their predators within sight or sound are wary of the creature with better eyes in the darkest hours. Of course being nocturnal has it’s great benefits.  With keen hearing like this, even the tiniest sound is audible in a jungle full of species communicating to one another. Being the creature with a killer bite and piercing fangs, its a feat to appease the desire for being a carnivore. The way to do it, is ambush your prey. Clean the hide right off and the consume the meat right off the skeleton from every last savory bite. On the jungle floor, where most meals occur, rabbits, iguanas, frogs, opossums, rodents and fish are intriguing and the prey of choice. This one can thrive in most habitats and adapt to human habitats.
     In South and Central America, this creature can attack any animal without hesitation. However, Law of the Wild states: Kill only when you are hungry. During the time of rest, it is not difficult being absolutely gorgeous with fur like this. Its easy to understand why some may mistake such creature with other creatures of similar pattern of the coat and similar colors. The distinction is in the behavior and the specific pattern on their face and coat. The trick is to hide where no predator (*cough* human *cough*) would ever hunt in such locations. Perhaps somewhere outside the three square mile radius of the terrestrial creature of a beige-brown coat with black spots scattered on its underbelly and a tail with dark colors as well.
     At the top of the rainforest food chain, its not all, “Let freedom ring.” Some may say that freedom is not free and you have to buy your way into and talk the talk. We all know hunting the creature and others like it is wrong and along comes the fear of that creature being endangered. They have got to be super careful about the threatened creature. -Especially when its on the list. It is better to stop hunting the creature at all costs-regardless of their incentive. Its not just the hunt, but the habitat loss as well.
     (I’m not going to be one of those hardcore animal activists and ruin this symbolic post to engage you to help the animals, that’s not what I’m here for. This is a symbol of freedom and a state of mind.)
 I beckon the question, title of this post to lure you in what freedom is-in my own wild mind.
     It would feel like a dark rose-colored heart with dove white-colored eagle wings attached to the heart and flying in into the distance. In the background  is the heavenly early evening sky with white and light grey clouds just after the point of sunset on the horizon. The light in sky that represents the stars, appear as different shades of crystal. Living the life of that kind of freedom means doing whatever the hell you want, traveling wherever you please, being as bold, courageous and brave as you can be; expressing yourself in every way you can, plus using that medium to fuel your inspiration. This also means changing the world in a positive direction, meeting your heroes, those you look up to, your idols,  and those who inspired you to fight for your freedom.
        Living the freedom lifestyle is a way to communicate to others through your medium of choice. Being who you are and knowing what you need  and to want to pursue starts you off on the right path. As you hunt down your dreams and conquering all the evil or the prey to fight your way to stay alive, you have to be that rare creature, unambiguous and of course know when to be seen, You have to know your bait, where to consume your prey and rise in excellence to capture your prey. Its no wonder, “talk that talk” trumps most talent in this industry. You have to be familiar of your kind to compete for title. You must know your predators behind you and know your prey in front of you.
     Being at the top of Freedom food(a.k.a. Economic) Empire means to keep your title and prevent those from being less than they are. It means bringing your kind of species together to keep out those from destroying your Empire, our world. No one should hunt down who they hate, although let them motivate them to hunt down that inspiration.
     In this situation, the symbol is expressing yourself through your sense of style-regardless of what others may perceive it as. Why would it matter that others are judging you or flying from you because you are wearing that outfit from the Runway, its Haute Couture, Resort or its from an exhibition? Impress yourself with that beige coat, with black spots and small rosettes on your hide. Impress yourself with your own wild traits and qualities. Once you have reached that overwhelming feat and overcome your fears and conquered all…that is when you feel so free. -Free as a bird as they say.

Always believe!

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