Outsider Status

      Who is one of them? Why not be one of us? Just because they are an “outsider,” does not mean they should be ridiculed or burned at the stake like the witch/warlock they are. They shouldn’t be shunned away because of they are the misfits and don’t belong. To deviate from the norm or from society’s standards means to prove that we are not who you want to see us. We are not perfect, we have flaws. We are not the standards of beauty, we are born beautiful due to our genes. Just because you think every women should have blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, high cheek bones, perfectly symmetrical facial features, bright red lips, slender nose, perfect chest size, tiny waist, and long legs versus a tall woman with a more voluptuous figure with a round-er ass and higher chest size-does not mean every single woman should fit that criteria. Yes, we come in all shapes and sizes. Being part of the [intelligent] norm is like giving in to conformity. To break from society’s rules and standards means that they don’t exist to me anymore. Screw society!! Screw conformity!! To exist means you have the power to prove you are not part of the standards in reality. Whether it be your unique facial features, your ethnicity, the style of your makeup, your personal style, your lifestyle choice, your status, where you come from or your voice-you can differentiate yourself from others, you can make yourself unique and be your own person. Do not let someone else tell you how to live nor where to live-not even me. Once you’ve found your voice, it will lead you in the right direction.
Just because someone (or a friend) advises you to take a different path than you so desired, does not mean you should agree with her/him. You can accept them and accept the fact they have a different view on their own lives & yours as well. Do what you have to do for you. You don’t have to follow any trends in any shape or form to figure out what your style is. Comprehend what you enjoy most and what you are most passionate about.
     Living like an “outsider” [or feeling like one] does not mean you cannot change your ways and become one of the insiders to achieve your desired status. You can still remain true to yourself and change some things about yourself to become a better person and adhere to the circumstances. If anyone pushes you to be better or to test your limits of their society-so  be it. Prove them wrong that you know where you socially belong and accommodate to any situation and really anything life brings you. So, what if you’re judged in the most subtle way? You don’t care what anyone thinks. What you think of yourself is more important than how others see you. (However, that is curious at times.) How you see the world and what it gives you is more important than someone else skewing their version of the reality to you. Of course, there are some people who tell you what the reality-as a matter of fact-to remind you. I’d rather have a world of my own that cannot by fucked with. Screw normality!! Screw reality!! You can create your own world by not only “thinking outside of the norm,” also bringing that to life. Its you who sees it and no one can see it like you do, its your vision that makes it more alive.
      Of course being the BEST you can be comes with inspirational advice of your own-that’s wisdom. Just because the material things or the experience may appear out of reach, does not mean you shouldn’t go for it, time will pass, do the impossible. You might never know, you could be that gorgeous bird that changes the way we fly. You can create yourself and become your own species in a breed of your own.

“The only limit is the one you set yourself.” -Felix Baumgartner

Follow your ambitions mercilessly.

Thoughts?? Engage.

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