Misfit (Outsider Status) Part 1

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-Unfitting to the situation. does not suit the setting. unable to adjust to the circumstances. – 

What is normal, anyway? -Clarissa (Clarissa Explains it All)

      I couldn’t tell you how many times I have been in situations and attended parties where I felt like I didn’t belong or I didn’t think I should be there. It wasn’t my kind of party. I knew I should not have been in those situations, however I learned my lesson. Through time, I was able to adjust to what was going on and smooth it over by being myself. I don’t care what anyone thought at the time and I still don’t.

     It appeared to me that everyone knew something that I didn’t within their interests and would only share that information if I was interested in the same things as them or had similar career choices as them. That sounded very typical and predictable to me. I conversed with those who didn’t have the same interest as me and those who did. Everyone appeared to be different or dis-interesting to me. They were mostly adults. Most of the parties and events I’ve attended were those kinds of parties where all the adults brought their kids. The adults mingle and converse while the kids get to know each other in an awkward way, since most of us didn’t know each other-at least not well.

Insider: A member of an organization. Obtains special advantages, shares private knowledge
Outsider: Not a member of society or a group. Competitor not likely to succeed. Commonly used in a demeaning way.

     This relates to the insider and the outsider of society by seeming to be one of them was to talk like them and have a quality lifestyle. Meaning: The best of everything, which includes cuisine, the spa, status, who you know, experiences, your beauty regime, how you carry yourself, how your dress yourself, your own knowledge, education and of course-think highly of yourself. Being away from that unknown territory means you don’t have access to everything that could change your life. You have within you the strength and passion to change your life for the greatest things in your favor.

     The similarities of the level of intelligence goes like this: You don’t have to an insider to get it. However, you can be the insider to get an in-depth perspective. I bet there are a lot of rebels out there who have experienced both sides. It is curious to me which they prefer.

*This song was my anthem for a while. “What if I say I’m not like the others” is one my favorite lines. I relate to this song on the level of conformity and the standards of society. You can break from that and set aside from what isn’t you vs. what you are. 

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