Part 3 – Ugly Duckling (Outsider Status)

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-An unattractive child whom grows up to be gorgeous in their adult life.-

     I didn’t always feel pretty when I was younger. I thought everyone was prettier than me. Of course, encouragement to love myself more and looking at myself(not just looking in the mirror) helped a whole lot. Compliments are necessary!! I loved receiving compliments about my looks and what I was wearing. Honestly, I still do! Hahaha! I’m glad I don’t feel insecure about my looks and what I wear. Thankgoodness!

     This relates to the insider and the outsider is terms of life appearing to be Aristocratic, sometimes. I knew that wasn’t true. If it were-life would be way too easy to get in anywhere. Anyone who was very good looking, beautiful and had unique facial features appeared to be better-not always true. There was a comforting vibe about them that made me want to be get to know them or talk to them. Just because someone is beautiful, does not mean their entire lives have been perfectly beautiful as the exterior says.

     Between the similarities of intelligence of someone who is obviously gorgeous and someone who is beautiful and perhaps insecure about their looks based on how they feel, their is no comparison. At first, it seems like if you are not that pretty and use that makeup to cover your face-in fact beauty comes from within-the makeup should highlight your features, not hide them. Just because you don’t look like the rest of them or have unique facial features that make you unique, does not mean you don’t belong. Intelligence rules over other people’s thoughts. Don’t let anyone cloud your perception, not even me.

   This song really helped get through any moment when I didn’t feel beautiful, relevant when needed. Music can really change you and improve your life-no matter how you are feeling-it lifts you higher.

Stay beautiful!

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