Outsider Status – Albino Alligator (Part 4)

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Rare, pure, fierce individual who changes the rules of society by being themselves whole-heartedly. In most cases, not accepted by society due to their unusual looks that are abnormal to the standard. This individual often is infatuated and fascinated by those whom have not seen or experienced this person or animal.

As I have mentioned, its important to see your vision outside of what reality is. I’d rather be the change I want to see in this crazy world.

     I created this one, myself. Its only for me to decide which status of an outsider I am and for you to talk about  your perception. However, it could be one of those that is decided amongst others to determine their own definition.

     This relates to the insider and the outsider by being one(myself) of those who has always wanted to break society’s standards. So far, the rules do not exist to me, anymore. Its best to think outside of the box on something likes this. I have broken the society’s rules by extracting myself away from the norm, just being myself and not following any kind of trend, not doing/wearing/saying what everyone is wearing/saying or doing. I’d rather create myself and be myself than be a copy of society. Everyone who is different from someone else who has the knowledge to break into an industry with apparent rules-are as unique as you and me. The difference is their talent, how much they know and who they know.

     The level of intelligence is similar between having a certain kind of freedom to express yourself freely on any subject that you are educated with. One of the different things is that being an insider almost limits you what you can say to keep the look of your own image. If you say something controversial or negative, not everyone is going to believe it…until it sounds more believable when you retract your statement. However, if you are one of those people who doesn’t care what anyone thinks, what you say and do should only matter to you. In my opinion, being a rebel comes with being an outsider-no matter the lifestyle choice. That is yours to pursue.

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