All Black Everything Pt. 1

How Feeling your worst can Affect the way you Dress

      One of the most frustrating things is not being able to express your emotions through fashion at the time. Coveting things you want and adding them to your “favorites” or “wish list” is like saving that part of the emotion for later or the entire emotion if that’s what you feel. The necessity for that item is so crucial and important to the point it needs to be expressed through my own personal style so that it is not revealed in uglier ways. When that part of yourself is not expressed, it feels annoying to settle for colors/patterns/silhouettes or designer items that match your mindset/emotions that do not express what you are presenting. It felt like you were lying to yourself or you were simply wearing brighter colors and nicer silhouettes to keep yourself happy. Its like, “This emotion that I am physically wearing does not compliment what I am really feeling, but I’m told to wear this for a better presentation of how I look.”
     Its that sense of a weight has been lifted off your shoulders when you are wearing the clothes you’ve been coveting for a long time and it feels like a thank you note to your younger self. You feel satisfied and comforted by the fact your wearing the emotions you have wanted to express at the time and it shows in the way you walk and present yourself to the world. Once you have finally bought what you have coveted for a while, its like, “Aaahh yes! Finally! Look at it!” It feels like you want show it off to your friends and no one else. [Who cares?]

     The pattern and silhouette of the clothes signifies the state of emotion you are in. The color of those clothes (In this case-dresses), represent the color of your emotions. It is up to you to let it affect you in the way you want that shoe, ring, shades or dress to affect you. For me, I let every aspect of what I am wearing affect my emotions affect to point of subconscious and relation to memory. Do not let a piece of fashion trigger you or resonate with you in the wrong way. If that happens to you in the positive way, comment below and follow for more.

     This relates to memory of when I wore it where and with whom. Those emotions affect me in that way. However, those memories can be replaced (if you didn’t like it or want to forget that moment)by wearing that dress again (The entire outfit does not have to be the same) in a positive situation to feel better about that dress. “Am I the only one?”

     Even if you feel awful to the point it is, “Stressed Depressed but well Dressed,” there is no shame in wearing a great outfit to make yourself feel better. If you can walk like it is the best outfit as of yet or favorite or however you perceive your ensemble, then work it. Show off what you just bought, just don’t make it look you just did. (That sends a different message.)

     The satisfaction and comfort of expressing what you couldn’t, but now you are because of your new wardrobe.You feel better about yourself and can’t wait to wear it and put together the entire outfit to show it off. I feel like that is kind of exciting… especially when you’re doing e-commerce shopping and it comes in the mail like it is a gift to you, from you. Thanks self.

Let me know if you relate!!

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