I can sell you a Feeling

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     Once your enter a world, it can be difficult to extract yourself away from to see for it what it is. But why pull away from what you love? You have to feel like you know that world from your perspective and eager to get to know that world inside and out. Just be because a fashion editorials sell you excitement, does not mean that realm really is exciting. You have to make it exciting for yourself. If a fashion AD is selling a status to you, you have to make that status what it means to you. Not every glamour is the same glamour. Not every Luxury is the same Luxury.

     When a lifestyle is being sold to you in a fashion editorial/magazine, your not satisfied because of your own. If you are satisfied, Cheers!! However, what is being lied to you is that every thing is not what it seems. Perhaps, there is another life or lie within their life that we are not seeing. Maybe she or he has mental health issues or attends therapy sessions. Not to put a cloud over the glamour, although there is a balance of the positive and negative in the atmosphere.

     A magazine sells you a way of life through it’s intriguing articles and beautiful photos that pull you into it’s beauty. You are already thinking about their mindset of how it lead you into the zone to begin with. For me, its who is on the cover and/or the beauty of the photo.

     What intrigues me the most is what the models are wearing, how they are wearing it, the locations and what they are doing in the photo. Sometimes, the editorials tell you where to go instead by showcasing the hotel or city and how to spend it. How you spend is not a lie, but the vibe and the kind of people you’ll meet, which is not always a guarantee.

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