All Black Everything Pt. 2

      It is more than a way to show off what I am feeling. Its mysterious to you, but clear of what is unknown to me. Black is the absence of color, but it is all the colors absorbed into one. Its the yin to the yang. It balances my soul to create more positive when there’s less negativity.
      As classic as this, there is no implication of what I wear that signifies my lifestyle to anyone else. Its not a negative color by any means, however it holds a powerful meaning that exudes elegance, sophistication, strength and rebellion. (My favorite part.) All colors are timeless, but black holds the crown of being the most effortless.
     When black is the default color, it becomes a comfort zone or more familiar with what to wear on the streets. Its what we’re known to become part of once its redundant to the pattern of our wardrobe. Just because it is staple, does not mean it should be the default color in your closet.

     In the realm of fashion, it is seen as Minimalism. To me, that expresses self-discipline, will power and self-control. It is not necessarily, perceiving the simplest of things, but being more sophisticated and becoming more of you want to become.

My favorite things about this color is, “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy-but mysterious. But above all black says this: ‘I don’t bother you, don’t bother me.'” -Yohji Yamamoto

Do you think too much of one color is overwhelming? Express that to me!


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