All Black Everything Pt. 3

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     I’ve been told that wearing all black signifies, “emo.” That’s not what that means. Maybe if you’re a teenager and you’re going through a phase as what parents called it. Wearing all black says you have a deeper meaning of your own self. And relates to your own mindset. Its not necessarily dark by any means. When words aren’t enough to express yourself towards the world and your parents, your clothes does do it justice by color and silhouette. Symbols, patterns and other colors to your outfits are a bonus and give an even keel. The meaning of your outfits suggests where you stand in your rebellion.
    Its tempting to wear this color to feel like you belong to a certain group or to represent Rock’n’Roll and each band you love. Its tempting to slip into a dark mindset to belong to a group of people who appear to be unknown. Its easy because its simply uncomfortable until becomes comfortable in the quick of the moment. Its understood until becomes familiar. Its mysterious until you know it from those speak of what they know.
    A color does not represent your taste in music and movies, unless your outfit signifies that band or movie. However, it can signify your love for the darkness. Not of the night or the colors itself, but the deep self that has not been unearthed. It the mysterious unknown that represents what you are wearing. Its important to wear that with pride.


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