I have partnered with Swiss Army Watch to write about their new and amazing Victorinox watch, the I.N.O.X.
It is more than durable. It’s the kind of watch you see in an action-adventure movie and this watch is underwater, because it looks so cool in the open ocean. Just because it is geared towards men and sold to a specific demographic, does not mean it is only for men who live an adventurous lifestyle. You don’t have to live adventurously to have an adventurous watch. What you wear, says a lot about your mindset. This watch is for someone who is clever and intellectual. Someone who loves backpacking, climbing mountains, bold enough to take whatever challenge comes across their path. By no means does this have to look like a serious watch, when paired with a dress for an interview or a beach dress. A serious watch can be worn with gold bracelets, silver rings, gold/turquoise earrings, a white halter, sleeveless beach dress. To finish off the look with beige gladiator sandals and a rectangle gray clutch. However, when this watch is worn with something so casual and airy, it does come off as, tough for the whole look. I prefer to wear it with a black long sleeve jumpsuit, black leather bracelet, silver cuff, silver ear cuff with green crystal stud earrings, dark green pointed toe pumps and an oval black clutch. As for makeup, pink lip gloss, gold eye shadow and light pink blush. Both of these looks with the watch intrigues me in a way that speculates that there’s something more to the person who wears this beautiful and defined watch. Not only are there so many ways to wear this watch, but there are numerous things to question of the person who wears such a sophisticated timepiece. For example: How does it feel? What does it feel like? How does it affect you?
I partnered with the brand, Swiss Army Watch to write an article about the I.N.O.X: Victorinox, The words are solely mine.

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