All Black Everything Pt. 5

The villain is dressed as the color of the night because he or she has power over something or someone. The color black matches their mindset because of the power they have.

The hero who is dressed in all black has great strength and the ability to control things or people for good. He or she is a citizen in disguise and those only close to them know the truth. They are respected by, the power to give order and makes something seem true. They are not living in the shadow of another. They have power over people. They work hard to achieve respect, not fame.

The social status of the hero is to protect his or her identity. He or she has formality, a bit of mystery, strength and authority. The color also represent the end and implies a new beginning as the hero is the protector of evil. The hero stops the negativity in it’s tracks and sheds a new light on the situation.

Ph. Batman  &  Venom

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