Dream Mirrors

You’ve the heard the reasons on the surface why you experience what you dream of. Whether it be running away, an object is overwhelming huge, it could be the temperature in your room or what you ate before you walked to your room to sleep. These are all common symbols experienced in dreams. What you dream about in the late evening could be in an intense version of what you experienced the day before or some time in the past. Once in a while, you could be foreseeing your own future. Sometimes, dreams are redundant in that way. In another way, you could be experiencing what you have never seen before and you might not recall where nor when you saw that object or person. What you see in your dreams is a collection of what you have seen and experienced. If you don’t see someone’s face in your dream and it appears to be a black shadow or a blur – the human brain cannot create a new face. That someone could be someone you’d like to meet or you’ll see that person later in your life.


Once you have control of your dreams, you can control the volume of sound, your own movement, choose who you want to see and if you’re real good, you can control the temperature. (The temperature in your room could be the reason your dreams are positive or negative.)


In my opinion, what I experience in my dreams occurs on the subconscious level. My dreams are pretty intense. I feel almost every texture and I can almost experience my sense of smell in my dreams.

Fact: All dreams occur on the conscious level.


It is very important to experience lucid dreams. When you are aware of your dreams, you have a better understanding of your dreams in REM sleep.


As I am willing to share with you what I dream about vs. the meaning of the dream on two different levels (conscious and subconscious), please share what you perceive in your dreams.



Ph. Trendland  &  Trendland

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