Black Out

The color black doesn’t always mean a bad thing nor an “emo” personality. This color has always appeared mysterious to me.


“Black is arrogant and modest at the same time. Black is lazy and easy-but mysterious. But above all black says this: “I don’t bother you-don’t bother me.” -Yohji Yamamoto (via)

This hue does not necessarily have a full negative impact on those who wear it well.

This is one of the classical colors. It looks good with anything. No matter. It hides what you don’t need to show to the world, even if they perceive you as, “emo.” that’s not who you are. Wearing the color does not necessarily let you be labeled as such. The color brings out a deeper side that not everyone knows about you. show it to those who matter. those who mind, don’t matter. It shows your perspective on things, on your own life-not theirs. speak out what you have to say on society, the system, whatever it may be


*The shortened term of the word, emotion should be banished. Whenever it is used, it is said in a demeaning way and looked down on. The term itself is not negative in any way. There nothing wrong with a dark perception nor seeing the world on a much deeper level or in a way that only you see it.




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