The Substance of Fashion

No one in Boston wears crazy things in a toned-down city. Its all very mellow. I see conformity in Boston: The same boring black/green/navy blue/beige jackets, two-tone or bold scarfs, same black shades, same jeans every season, lack of diverse prints/texture, same bold-color tops that match the interior of the location their at, same long-hair as everyone, and same light color/natural color makeup. Even if it is a tiny detail to appear different as everyone else, it is only that one detail, the rest of the outfit is usually plain and boring. Apparently, they have a classier dress code in the financial district. I haven’t seen much. There are those who chose one color for the clothes-one separate color  of shoes to match the clothes and jewelry to add a touch of toned-down glam.

    For me, I prefer to present my own perception regardless of what everyone says-even if it is from the looks on their faces; what they say from their eyes, physical movements, facial movements, hand movements and the vibe they give off. What you think of me is not who I am…What I think of me is who I am. What you say about it, is a reflection of who you are. From my perspective is how I see myself – that’s what is most important.

     The ingredients to the outfit is composed of what is felt from each piece and the flavor(color) of each item. Once baked and fresh from the oven, the ensemble is lively and ready to be consumed by the soul. Encompass each and every emotion from your ensemble to the point of euphoria.


Why conform to the city’s style, while you can express your own definitive one?


“It gives you a body language, it gives you a posture that only that particular character can walk with. When you’re in 7-in heels you’re walking differently than when you are in sneakers.”

-Michelle Trachtenberg


“Most of the effects are subconscious. Our clothes affects how others see us, but even how we feel about ourselves.” Lawrence D. Rosenblum

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