Pray for the Day

The cross is a symbol of Christianity. It is a symbol of earth, wind, air and fire and the four directional. When the cross is turned upside down, is it anarchy? It is not anarchy. The inverted cross symbolize that St. Simon Peter (One of the twelve apostles of Jesus) was crucified upside as humilityand was nor worthy of the same death as Jesus. In my opinion, the way fashion plays a role is to present his or her religion. The glorification of the cross is towards God. We all pray to the lord, our savior and we are not afraid to express is through the medium of  fashion and through the magic of music.


“Today people glory in their wealth, social status, fame, knowledge and often times Christians glory in their gifts, talents and positions in the church but like Paul we must glory only in the cross of Christ.” (Via)



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