What is in a fancy word?

What makes a word so, “fancy”? Just because you add a fancy word to that object, it becomes prominent, better and more important than anything. I know this is nothing new, but the concept of something being fancy comes from creating power and regards itself to imagery. The word, “fancy” is associated with creativity and is higher than the word, “imagination.” Such intricate words such as wonderful, extravagant, magnificent, elegant, sophisticated, lavish, creativity, inventiveness, and envision are used to sound more intellectual, but to be honest about it. I don’t believe that one should be soooo pompous about themselves. That would not be right.

To fancy an object, I’m more influenced by the architecture and it’s design. Most of the time, I see it as a challenge to create something sooo extraordinary, but simple. Its important to express how one feels about that object, so that their EI(Emotional Intelligence) can increase. Their EI can expand to more than just the surroundings, but to another person’s vibe or aura.

As we understand the power of fancy words, we can improve our lives by using them to our lifestyle of better mental health and emotional health, rather using them to objects we can replace.

Do you feel me?

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