Part 2 – Beautiful Swan (Insider Status)

    The swan does not only feel beautiful, but has beauty within. She feels pretty on the inside. When she feels like a bird, she can be more outspoken and flap her wings to make herself larger than she is to show others who’s boss. She is free to do what she wants, whenever and where she wants. There are no limitations. She lives in the wild where there are predators who may shut her down, but she is better than that and will rise higher to prove herself right. She is courageous to overcome obstacles and any risks that will lead to another level of her own greatness. The swan is confident enough to know she can make it through anything. She is powerful to get through the things that may seem tough and difficult, but in the end, it will make her stronger.

     In the mindset of the swan, she has intellect to know how to approach others. She has class to know what to say, when to say and when to stop. She is elegant in not only her dress but in her body language as well. The way she speaks is sophisticated only because she is willing to share how much she knows. She appears to be an Aristocrat by the aura she gives off. Her style looks so fresh and pristine. Not only does she feel free, she is free as a bird. That’s what she has become.

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