Part 4 – Follow my Lead (Insider Status)

When you lead by example, you become the one to look up to. You become part of the crowd and you don’t feel like a misfit, even of that is how you were brought up. This person is accepted by society not just by their looks, but by their intelligence. Their vision that appeared to be fantasy to everyone else became their reality.

This one has broken society’s standard to not only continue to be themselves, but to mold a new way of life. This person follows the trends, but does not follow through to wearing them. The don’t wear the fashion trends, but they wouldn’t go to trendy restaurants just for the cuisine. They would follow business trends to keep tabs on how to stay successful and learn from their mistakes. They don’t follow words that are trending, because it would not be professional. They don’t always follow the beauty trends, however it is worth a try to wear that war paint on your eyes. Not every trend in dance will be that hot new thing, which means you don’t have to try it.


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