Skin Refined: Leather

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Its important to have your own perception on how a species’ of animals skin is refined on the person. Wearing a certain animal on your body, does NOT signify luxury nor privilege. I do not see it as a right to wear certain animal hide on your feet or body such as snakeskin, stingray leather, fish scale, and lizard skin. Its typical to wear leather on your body as a second skin, its tough. To me, its a conscious, protective layer. When you’re wearing snakeskin, it s a search for balance in your life. I see it as the negative part of the mind that leads to either depression or willing to be mean. For stingray leather to appear in your life, it shows how you hide your emotions, depending on the color. I perceive the stingray leather as balance and grace. Wearing fish scale presents your depth of knowledge, while it is perceived as abundance and faith to me. The lizard skin o symbolic to keen attention to environment. Wearing lizard skin shows that your life is adventurous and exciting.

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