Statue of Stones: Black Opal

The black opal sparks fire of inspiration and protects against addictive behaviors. This stone presents an array of colors, which has multiple interpretations. The main colors of an opal are green, blue, purple, turquoise, lavender and pink.

Green is the color of balance and renewal. These kind of people are community-minded, reputable and prefer peace. It is also the color of ambition, finances and nature. It stands for need for growth and rebirth. It reduces the pain of depression and nervousness. It is soothing and youthful. With green, there’s a sense ofhope, adventure, compassion and harmony.

Blue is the color of compassion and caring, introspection, duty and deliberation. These people like to be admired for their wisdom. They are faithful. Blue represents trust, loyalty, and intelligence. Blue helps with self-expression and balance. It can keep the bad sprints away.

Purple symbolizes the witty, fastidious, with a desire to be different. These people are artistic and expansive. It associated with nobility, power and ambition. It symbolizes dignity, pride and magic.

Turquoise is original and complex. It is creative, sophisticated, has wisdom, good luck, emotional balance, tranquility and loyalty. It is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Lavender represents grace and refinement, beauty and femininity. This also suggest uniqueness. These kind of people are on a quest for culture and refined things in life. This person is also charming and civilized.

Pink symbolizes affection without passion. These people desire special treatment and tend to be charming. It is associated with femininity and romance, inner peace and friendship.

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