NYFW: Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2016 RTW

I love these colors from Rodriguez. They are very bold and subtle-my kind of way of dressing. The Yellow dress symbolizes happiness, wisdom and is for the mentally adventurous. It goes with a shrewd personality, strong sense of humor and it is the color of intellectuality. Those who are yellow people, have lofty ideals, and prefer freedom of thought and action. Yellow stands for optimism and enlightenment, loyalty and honor.

Brown symbolizes patience and stamina, conscientious and steady. It also means they are responsible and reliable. It is the color of elegance and foundation, honesty and healing. It represents health and friendliness. It is a stable color to make you feel you belong.

The red outfit symbolizes strength, vitality and is associated with those that are outgoing and impulsive. It is optimistic, with a zest for life. It also means that it has leadership, willpower and passion. It is associated with being determined, powerful, energetic, and confident. This color has physical effects on the body such as enhanced metabolism and increased energy.

The gray outfit represents peace and working hard without a reward. Those who like this color have good business ability. It is sophisticated and emotion-less.

This black and white outfit is dignified and pure. The white top represents heaven, brilliance, faith and humility. It also symbolizes and a desire for a simple life. The black pants means being impressive without showing off and suggests hidden inner longings. It also symbolizes mystery, authority and rebellion.  It represents strength and elegance.

Ph. Vogue  Source & Here


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