Alexander McQueen Alexander McQueen 

Alexander McQueen 

United NudeUnited Nude

United Nude

Elvira't HartElvira't Hart

Elvira’t Hart

Recently, I went to the MFA in the Boston, MA. They have this new fashion exhibit which excited me sooooo much that I was engulfed in all it’s glory. Everything was soooooo beautiful & incredible. I’ve seen that McQueen dress before from his collection of Plato’s Atlantis. 

The shoes from United Nude are amazing! I’d wear them if given the chance. They’re sooooo edgy & rebellious. I love it!

Hart’s jacket is edgy as well. I love that it looks like it is coming apart like a torn soul. It has a cut-out design to show what is beneath the soul of the jacket.

Everything that is saw in the exhibit made me feel things that I hadn’t felt before. It was amazing. I would definitely revisit this exhibit. All the outfits are soooo unique to each other. I didn’t know you could laser-cut a jacket like that.

You can visit the exhibition here. It runs through July 10th, 2016.

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