In my Fantasy

This is about what I imagine my fashionable life would be, except I’d make it wearable for streetwear & for parties. I’d style it according to my emotions, instead of what’s trending or what everyone is wearing. That’s just not my style. I believe non-conformity is the key to individualism. The best way to be unique is to find your own style & to be sure it is unlike others & not copying anyone else’s.

Alot of people might see it as a fantasy world where you can’t wear runway or Haute Couture clothes to parties or on the street because it is not appropriate. However, in my mind, I don’t see it like that.

I don’t see myself as “normal.” I like eclectic things, what people don’t usually wear. I see myself as one-of-a-kind, the once in a lifetime kind of girl. Whenever I tell myself that I’m weird or I hear someone tell me that, I correct the word & call myself, limited edition.

I’m the kind of person to wear fancy,  sophisticated clothes on the street regardless of where I’m going. I might be wearing party outfits or something one might wear to an award ceremony at a stage performance. It might look eccentric to one, but to me that’s my mindset.

Regardless of what you think of this & about me, I wouldn’t judge negatively about what you wear. I might compliment because I like it that much. However, this has nothing to do with what you think of me, since I do not care. What matters is that you respect it. Only I validate & accept myself.

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