Superpower by Beyoncé 

It is important to have power within you to stay consistent & determined to conquer your plans. Even if you are at your lowest, that’s when you need your own power to wake up to your life do things you may not feel like doing or you may not have the energy to do it, but you force yourself to do that thing that needs to be done. 

Whatever it may be, you have to pursue your plans, pursue your dreams-big or small. They are important to you & to the universe. 

You have to go after what you are passionate about because the world needs people that come alive.  The world needs big ideas & ideas that can solve problems.

It feels like I have so many ideas that must manifest to my vision. It must become my reality. They’re all great. The best part of that is the ideas have potential to become real. I just need to make them real.

I’m a dancer first and foremost. I can use that motivation to become better by practicing my choreo each day. I shouldn’t have to wait for anybody. The day doesn’t stop for anyone. However, it is important to continue to work on myself to become better than yesterday.

I’m obsessed with music & that motivates me to create choreography & to get better at freestyle.

I love fashion so much that it speaks to me on an emotional level. What I wear is what I am feeling in the moment. It may sound psychological, however in no way it is that. It is comment on how fashion affects my emotions. My style is more emotional, sophisticated, discerning, eclectic, & unique.

I have the power to make my dreams come alive & I have the power to upgrade my faith to match my destiny.  

There are two rules in life: 1. Never reveal everything you know. 

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