The Perks of Being Yourself



The best part of being yourself is the privilege of being unique. Your perks are expressing yourself in more ways than none. You get to show most of yourself to the world and keep certain things private. I believe it’s important to keep certain things to yourself because they might not be meant for the world to see and you can cherish those things with close friends & family. 

I’m a dancer & I only get to express that in my dance classes and freestyle in my room. The best of that is that I can envision what I want my style to look like. It gives me motivation & drives me to be a better dancer than I was before. 

I strive to be the best that I can be by reading book that educate me, lift me up, and inspire me to be better.  I inspire myself to read so that I can become the person that I need to be.

I aspire to be a fashion stylist in editorial. Which means, I have eclectic taste and my style includes a variety of aesthetics. For example, I like gothic, baroque, elegance & sophistication & classic peices. I know how hard I have to work to get to where I need to be as well as where I want to be. “Just because you are taking longer than others doesn’t mean you have failed. Remember that.” 

I’m a millennial and I have passion for what I do & what I want to pursue. I don’t lower my standards for anyone nor for anything. That wouldn’t be right. That is one of the perks of being myself. I read to increase my standards and to drive myself to where I need to be.

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue 

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