What Dreams Mean to Me

Having big dreams & great taste means I have something to live for. It means I have to say what I want to get what I want and need. I have to be able go for what means the most to me. It gives me more belief in myself and drives me to educate myself more & more.

For myself, I strive to be the best dancer I can be & be better than I was yesterday. Even though I’m not where I should be, that gives me enough motivation to drive myself to succeed. Prayer works, too. 

I aspire to be the best stylist I know I can be. That means to think of things that no one has ever thought of. I have projects in mind that I know no one has ever seen before. There’s no way I’m revealing those projects until they’re ready to be seen. 

The best way to break out of a mold, is to leave my comfort zones. I’m looking forward to when that happens, even though I don’t know when that will be. I believe I have left my emotional comfort zone because I have grown sooo much through that. 

I’d rather chase my dreams in a way that is going make me grow in every way, overcome fear & leave those comfort zones. That is what will make me a better person. I may sound a little narcissistic about this, however it’s not selfish to go after what you want in order to make your dreams a reality.

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