Luxurious Thoughts




I feel that having something luxurious is a privilege. However, traveling the world & escaping comfort zones is a luxury. All that glistening gold is one of the best things you could have. Although, what matters most are the real friends you have. There is a difference of how I feel when I am wearing something by one of my favorite designers & I show it off at a party or on the street. I feel more confident, happier, stronger, and little energetic & bold. That lifts me up in a way I feel better about myself so I can confidently wear that blouse/jeans or shoes again.

As a blogger, wearing something that will affect my mood in the best way will definitely express how I feel about the dress or jumpsuit. It doesn’t necessarily change how I feel about the brand.  I may like the brand more, but it will give me inspiration of how I can style the outfit & how I perceive it. Just even the idea of a collaboration inspires me to be a better person & to work harder. However, I’m not going to reveal my future endeavors until they come to fruition. It may take a while, however it will all be worth it. The best part is working on my dreams & perceiving how the future will be for myself.

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue 

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