Shaping Identity




It’s important shape who you are because that is how you get to know yourself. The little things may not matter in one’s life, but they really do. For example, I tend to fidget with my clothes or my hair when I’m not talking with my friends or family. Idn why I do it. I’m not a perfectionist, & it doesn’t bother that I do it. However, it only bothers me if I fidget too much in the moment. The way you walk & your speech affects your identity. It becomes who you are. You might not realize it or are aware of it, but a lot of things do shape your identity, if you allow it to.

My friends & my second cousin affect who I am by what say about me. I don’t care what anyone thinks or says about me, although they are the people I value. So, their words affect me in a way that it makes me challenge what I say before I speak. 

Body language can also shape your identity, as well as what you wear. I believe the clothes you wear affect how you move. Personally, I’d feel better that I get wear something I just bought that I was recently coveting. I get to wear it at special occasions or in the street to show off my style. I don’t mind hearing compliments from friends or family, but doesn’t matter as much as what I think of myself when I wear the dress.

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue 

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