Finding Your Niche




Once you find your passion of what you are really good at, that’s what you know you should pursue. For me, it came naturally. I started ballet when I was just a little girl. I think it was before or during preschool. I took ballet classes in my hometown. I continued with it for about three or four years. I had taken ballet while I was participating in gymnastics. I did compete in gymnastics. I won awards, medals & ribbons. I can see my decline in gymnastics because I had lost interest & wanted to continue to dance. I had ballet recitals as well. I stopped dancing somewhere between 5th grade & middle school because I was being made fun of for it. I don’t regret it. I learned my lesson to not allow others to stop me from doing what I love to do. In high school, I got into hip hop, jazz, & tap. I didn’t do ballet because it had been a while since I did it. I really love hip hop the most, although I understand that ballet is the foundation of dance. I took some dance classes while I was in college for a year in 2010. (College really isn’t for me. I didn’t like the experience.) I took modern & ballet. Those classes were great, I enjoyed them very much. Fast forward to 2015, I started ballet, jazz, tap & hip hop at this studio near my hometown. I had a recital that I really enjoyed for my jazz, ballet & tap class. Now, I’m taking a tap class in Somerville, MA and hip hop in Cambridge, MA.

The whole point of this to not let something as so stupid as someone telling you otherwise about your passion. They don’t know you. You know you. Be yourself & don’t allow anyone to tell you otherwise. You can use that power to prove to yourself that you are capable of anything. You know that. Plus, overthinking kills happiness. I used to overthink, but I control it & overthinking does not hurt me. I’m thankful for that. 

The way to find your niche is to figure out what you are good at, whether you really enjoy it or not, how it can serve your purpose(which lies in your passion), and if it motivates you. Also, if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough. I think I might be scared of my dreams & they are huge dreams. I want it SO bad that I’ll cross oceans for my plan to succeed. I need to work harder & educate myself more by reading more books to unfuck myself & chase after my pursuits.

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