Unfuck My Life



Here’s how I’d like to unfuck myself….

First, I’d educate myself to the point that my mind must arrive at my destination before I do. I’m already doing that. I’m currently reading books about business, finance, self-help,  & success. That might sound boring & dull to you, however it sounds soooo intriguing to me. I truly enjoy it. My favorite part about reading is that it enriches my mind. I believe being rich is a state of mind, not just what’s in your bank account.

Secondly, I’d practice what I preach. Meaning, I’d take dance classes that relate to where I want to be in life, dance-wise. Also, I’d read fashion books to research how stylists & fashion editors arrived at their dreams & became successful. Btw, I am taking a couple dance classes to work on myself. 

Third, to work on myself & be myself. I mean to say that to not allow others to get to me. To not care what anyone says about me. I need to develope a thick skin so that I can handle what ever comes at me.

Fourth, strive to be successful. I have to pursue my ambitions to accomplish what I want & what I need. I have to be the person I must become in order to succeed. I haven’t met her, yet. But, I will. In due time. There are soooo many opportunities for me in order to make it as it is said. 

Fifth, follow my passion in the best way possible. That means I have to create my own path, since there isn’t one to pursue what I want to do. Alot of dancers & bloggers or stylists have taken their own path to success. I believe there isn’t one right path to succeed. There are many & I intend to create my own.

Sixth, Once I succeed, I continue to better myself. I will outdo myself & will only be in competition with myself, not with anyone else. I hope we all win. I will give back to the community. I have done so before by donating shoes & clothes. Once I have enough, I will donate to the organizations I care about.  FYI, I would donate to Oceana, Panthera & World Wildlife Foundation.

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