Use Your Passion as Your Voice



For me, I express myself just by being myself. I use fashion editorials to express my style & what I am into. As far as dance goes, I express my freestyle at any chance I have in class.

You can use your passion as your voice by simply voicing your opinion & what you are into & what you strive to be. Of course talking is not enough, one must do.

In order to show what you are passionate about, you can use your beautiful voice on a blog, start a podcast, become a Youtuber, or be an artist & express your desire to change the world. There are SO many ways to express your passion. You can do more than one, if that’s your thing.

I am passionate about what I love to the point that I desire to be the best version of me possible. I strive to have more ambition than I already do. Once I have gotten to destination, I have to drive myself harder to get what I want & what I need not to survive, but to hustle my way to where I can support myself & give back.

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