Refresh Your Life




The new year is upon us & that always give us a chance to start over or start a new.  It gives you a new beginning to start over. The best part of that is you can create whatever you want to have a better life. There is no downside, unless it is difficult for you to let go of certain things in the past, in that case meditation & exercise will help with that. So does music as it does validate your emotions. As I was saying, in order to have a better future, one must keep improving themselves & be better than they were yesterday. I am not in competition with anyone. I’d rather better myself & kick last year’s ass. 

You can have a clean slate to start over. There is no need to have a messy present, the past is already messy. We learn from that. In fact, I have no regrets-I have learned from them. IMO, you can read more books, challenge yourself & not be ignorant as well as get over your fears. That’s how you grow. I know I am not the same person as I was when this year started. That is due to the amount of reading I’ve done.

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