Just an Idea

Your life is not idea, but a physical being that can create change. Your life is more than an idea. You can change the way you dress, the way you express yourself, the way you think, your behavior, your mindset, you can even change your language when you’re talking to someone who speaks the language.

If someone tells you that what you want to pursue is “just an idea,” they are wrong. Your pursuits are much bigger & better than that. Your idea can create your own change in your life. It can even change your life for the better. It can make you a better person. 

If someone tells you what you want to create is only an “idea,” they don’t know what’s coming, they might be scared or they don’t want to see you succeed.  Stand up for yourself & prove to yourself that what you will create is what’s best for you & you don’t have to explain it. However, it will bring a great change to your mindset & perhaps to others as well.

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