The Answer to Your Present





 “Your future is not the answer to your present.” -Gary John Bishop, author of “Unfuck Yourself”

For a while, I had thought the future was the answer to my present. However, that would mean that I wasn’t satisfied with my present life. I love myself, jut not the situation at the time. When I read Gary’s book, “Unfuck Yourself,”  it changed my mind & changed my life.

His book is a great read. The book is not about how to undo what was done to you because you can’t change the past, but it is a handbook for real life change & to achieve greatness. I even did a post on it called, “Unfuck My Life.” 

The reason it changed my mind & the way I think is because it made me a better person, it put things in perspective,  and it made me focus on the present moment more often. It changed my life by being more productive in my life & to focus on my ambitions.

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue 

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