The Aberrant Girl

I’m not your average girl in the way you might think. I’m eclectic & that I like different tastes & styles of fashion & music & art. I like difficult art that’s hard to understand. It makes me want to understand what’s going on in that peice. Same goes for performance art. Sometimes films that so powerful & moving make me tear up for no reason.

When I watch a ballet performance, it makes me want to work harder at what I do. I don’t do ballet. It’s gorgeous & sophisticated, but I prefer the kind of dance that is SO sick & it’s fun to perform. It’s a lifestyle that a lot of people call to because it brings so much life & culture to it. That’s hip hop.

I see fashion as something I can identify with. It’s not just something you wear to express your sense of style. It’s a way of life that has layers to every level of your conscious. I know it is meant to be taken psychologically, but I feel it can express a deeper you in that way. For example, your coat is your conscious level of thinking, your shirt & pants are your subconscious & your under pinnings are your unconscious. Think about that…It does make sense. Well, to me it does.

As far as music goes, I could listen to most of it. I wouldn’t like country, metal, heavy metal nor punk music. We all like what we adhere to. However, there’s one country song I like by Sam Hunt. It’s called House Party. It’s really good.

I get that past has nothing new to say, although I can learn from it. I have been through so much that I learned to not have regrets. I have turned my regrets into lessons. I have made some mistakes that I wouldn’t go through again because I really don’t have to explain myself here, nor anywhere. The past has made me who I am today & I intend to improve my life as best as I can with what I have. 

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue 

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