Imagine This

I imagine what it would feel like to have my dreams to come alive. And it would feel victorious & wonderful at the same time. I have ambition that would take me far. I am driven to shape my life to be the way I want & need it to be.

This isn’t just words to show how passionate I am as fashion blogger, but to show what I am capable of as a strong woman.  

I know what it feels like to break down & being tired of starting over do many times. I know what it feels like when your dreams for plans feel so far away that I need it SO MUCH that I would do everything I can do accomplish my dreams.

My dreams are the only things that make me happy. I know I have potential & I need to increase my potential to be the best that I am & be the best that I can be. It only shows in my writing & the way I dance my heart out.  It can be crazy for that to be felt through the soul.

For my dreams to come to fruition, I imagine it feels like heaven, perhaps I could die happy that way. In order for my dreams to come true, I’m aware that I have to hustle hard & to work harder than I did before. 

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue  

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