Why Emotions via Fashion

Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue  

I chose to express myself through fashion because it shows how I am feeling in that moment. If I am wearing that outfit for the whole day, I’d wear something that makes me feel confident & beautiful all the time. If I get to change my outfit in the middle of the day to wear something for the night, I can wear something that I don’t have to worry to much about, but makes me feel beautiful & makes me feel like I can rule the day.

Usually, I don’t take the psyche nor the psychological part of fashion into account when I wear what I feel. However, when it comes to an editorial & it’s mild or dark or it’s telling a story, I wonder what goes through the stylist’s &  photographer’s mind when producing the editorial. I wonder what part of their life they are bringing to the editorial peice and how they felt at the time. It’s curious to me how they create the peice with just the clothes, jewelry, bags & shoes & sunglasses & what story it is really telling. Even if there isn’t a psychological component to the page of the fashion magazine & it’s a warm & wonderful story, it makes me think how they brought the emotions to the editorial & make the reader feel them.

XO Sarah

What’s your take on fashion?  

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