Happy Women’s Day!!





Ph.  Design Scene 

What lights me up inside is the desire to be better than I was yesterday. It’s the burning fire that makes me feel alive each day. I have to ignite the fire dancing how I feel. I set the fire to the stage by doing yoga. It’s the music that makes me want to ignite the flame.

I have the persistence & confidence to achieve what I want. I know I have the power to do great work in both world’s of dance & fashion. I believe I can achieve what I need & want to do by determination & motivation.

What lights me up is the faith & belief that I can achieve great things. It’s the fact that I have the strength to go bold & be brave enough to do what makes me happy. I can be brave to achieve greatness success.  In turn, I will be physically & emotionally glad to have been the one who is going be at her best.

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