What I am Capable Of





Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue 

I am capable of building the mental strength inside me to grow as a person and to develop the motivation & determination to achieve what I want. I want to I inspire others to achieve their dreams no matter their circumstances or situations. I capable of departing my comfort zones in order to live my life & getting comfortable with being uncomfortable as well as to grow into the person I must become. I am capable of achieving my dreams. I can be better than I was yesterday & I am. I can be what brings me to the person that will make me mentally & emotionally stronger than before I ever was. I continually work on myself to become who I want to be and I can’t wait to meet her.  I am capable of sooo much more than that…more than I think of. I can travel to places that I have never been to or haven’t been discovered yet. I can explore places that haven’t left a trail & leave a trail behind. 

The mind is everything. I believe what you think you become. It is an infinite universe to think of what you are capable of. There are so many possibilities out there and you are capable of them. 

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