On Mistakes



Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue

There are four ways to fix your mistakes: 

1) Take ownership – No excuse is valid  

Sometimes, I have had made a few excuses here & there on my mistakes, but that has changed to the point where I only apologize for it & don’t let it happen again. 

2) Call yourself out – Be honest & prevent it

I tell myself that I have made a mistake there & truthfully I would have to stop it from happening again. 

3) Find solutions – Get a reward from it

It’s difficult for me to find a solution from my mistakes, so when I do, I reward myself with an affirmation that I did a great job. I choose to be a better person than I previously was. 

4) Communicate – Empower yourself & prevent your mistake in the future. 

I write in my journal on a nightly basis & this helps to prevent my mistake up next time I might see it happen.  This helps me by recalling what went wrong & how I can be more mindful about my situation. This empowers me by talking to my friends or my second cousin about the situation at hand where the mistake was made. That way I can make sense of the situation & learn from them on how I can prevent it in the future.

This post is inspired by the book, “How to be Bawse” by Lilly Singh. It is a 90day Challenge I am doing to better myself. 


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