Work Hard at Your Dreams




Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue

It’s important to be aware of why you work hard at your dreams. For me there are four layers on my why:

Layer 1: I work hard to inspire myself to be better. 

Layer 2: Working at my best makes me feel like I can achieve my dreams. 

Layer 3: I want to work harder because I want my dreams to come to fruition. 

Layer 4: I don’t think I have ever experienced the feeling of achieving my dreams, so I don’t realize the amount of hustle that I need to take to chase my dreams. 

Once you have figured out your four layers on your why, you can become more clear on your goals & why you have to achieve them. This is important for me because it reflects who I am as a person & inspires me to be better at what I do. 

This post is inspired by the book, “How to be a Bawse” by Lilly Singh.  it inspired me to do a #90DayChallenge to write about what I have learned from her book.

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