Control Your Fears & Nerves





Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue 

When to adopt & abandon these feelings to control them. Get comfortable with taking the outfit off when it’s time to execute. 

“Fear & nervousness are nowhere on the path to success.”     -Lilly Singh

Sometimes I get nervous before a dance performance, but while I am doing it I don’t get nervous. I’m calm because those nerves go away. When the performance is over, it’s like a relief that I did a great job & I’m proud of myself. Most of the time, in this point of my life, I don’t get nervous. If I happen to get nervous for whatever reason, I just stay calm & focus on the present & be aware of my emotions. 

As far as fear goes, I think I fear of what my best self is what I must become to be that. I may say that I don’t fear it, but I’m only kidding myself.

So, my best self is the successful woman who has everything she desires, the freedom to travel, perform, be bilingual, give gifts to friends & family, shopping for myself, & travel with experiences & memories as well as shopping for myself. I’m not sure why I fear it, it could be because it is outside of my comfort zone & I haven’t jumped out there yet. Idn if I’m afraid of what’s outside my comfort zone though; I know I need to fly & make that leap into the space where my dreams can come to fruition.

This post is inspired by Lilly Singh’s book, “How to be a Bawse” I’m doing a #90DayChallenge of what I have learned from her book. 

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