Why You Should Have a Vision Board



Ph. Fashion Gone Rogue  

Three reasons why you should have a vision board:

1) Give clarity about goals. Be honest.  I imagine my vision board to have quotes & people who not only motivates me & inspire me but those who make me discipline myself because of the influence they have on not only social media, but the world.

2) Be self aware, what’s important.   I would have photos of what I really want in my life, which part of my dreams & what I envision are the most important parts of the lifestyle that I want. 

3) Motivate self by storing goals in subconscious. Make tough decisions.   I have SOOOOO many goals for myself that it’s not even overwhelming, but exciting.  I’m aware of what tough decisions that I need & want to make. I just need to go do them. Of course, I need to figure out how to get out of my comfort zones. However, sometimes I feel like there needs to be a switch that will be flipped into a whole new way of thinking, opening my eyes to how I can conquer my dreams, and be able to be more outspoken about what I am thinking & feeling.

This post has been inspired by Lilly Singh’s book, “How to be a Bawse”  I am doing a #90DayChallenge challenge about what I have learned from her book.

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