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“Force deadlines.” – Lilly Singh

At this point in my life, this is something that I have to do in order to be successful. I know I can’t just casually get things done without knowing when they should get done. I feel like I need to have a deadline for each task. For example, I need to read my book & update this blog before I go to dance class. I don’t necessarily allow a certain amount of time for each. I just do it until have an 1.5 hours before dance class so that it gives me enough time to get ready & walk to the train station, take the train & walk to the studio. It’s like I do the tasks for as long as I want to until I have to do the next thing. Perhaps this is some kind of wake up call for me to set a deadline in my schedule & make a commitment to it so that I have time to learn a new language if I want to & it would give me a bit more time to dance in my room before class in the evening.

This post is inspired by Lilly Singh’s book, “How to be a Bawse” I am doing a #90DayChallenge for myself that presents what I have learned from her book.

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