A Bawse gets it Done





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“A Bawse doesn’t need to always do things the way they’re traditionally done. A Bawse does things however they need to be done, by any means necessary.” – Lilly Singh

I never actually liked the normal, traditional way of pursuing dreams. For example, the route of going through a university for four years after high school. That’s not for me. I went to a university for one year in Long Island. It didn’t work out for me. However, my life is better because of it & I’m progressing. I’d rather self-educate than take classes that I’m not going to learn anything from. 

I’d rather learn from a job that I’d take that’s going to help progress further in life than have a job that makes me unhappy. I don’t understand those people. We don’t have the same mindset. 

I know there are numerous ways to pursue my dreams & I can do it my way & it will happem because I have the power to make it so. Plus, I believe in myself & my dreams for plans.

This post is inspired by Lilly Singh’s book, “How to be a Bawse.” I am doing a #90DayChallenge for myself that presents what I have learned from her book. 

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