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“My decision is to conquer this city. I’m finally doing it.” – Lilly Singh  

As I write this, I am listening t the song, “Champion” by Nicki Minaj ft. Nas, Drake, Jeezy. 

I feel the same way about Boston. It’s not about being famous or recognized for one of my more prominent talents.  It’s about working very hard & working intelligently to get what I want. I believe praying for what I want works as well. 

I can’t wait for the day I conquer the city that I can emotionally relate to & feels like home to me. It’s familiar & comfortable to me. Although, I currently live close to Boston, to me it means I have access to the city where I can enjoy my life & visit the museums & aquarium. 

There is another city that I have mind, but I don’t intend to conquer a city that resides in state that I’m not from. To me, that wouldn’t make sense. However, I would like to pursue my dreams for plans in that city because I long to be in that fashion capital. It’s been a long time for me wanting to be live my life in that city of dreams. Idn when I’ll get there, but I truly believe that I will get there to live my life to the fullest & to depart my comfort zones for good. 

This post is inspired by Lilly Singh’s book, “How to be a Bawse.” I am doing a #90DayChallenge for myself that presents what I have learned from her book. 

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