Letter to Future Self




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“Write yourself a letter or create a video diary reminding your future self how much your past self wanted something.” -Lilly Singh

I believe this letter should not only include what I am passionate about, but why what I want to pursue is so vital as well.  I have SO many reasons why my dreams should come to fruition. 

It’s important to remind yourself how badly you want something to keep that as motivation & keep yourself determined to go for the gold. I write in a journal, so it is like I write a letter to myself on every night.  I keep myself inspired each day to push myself to be a better person & be a better dancer. 

I have SOOO much passion & love to give for what I want to pursue that it does bother me that I have not done it nor have I had the feeling of pursuing that yet. However, I keep the faith & belief that I will get there, not eventually but soon. I just need to change my mindset & change my life. Not only mentally, but emotionally & physically change my life so that I can depart my comfort zones. There are SO many things that are life-changing that I need to do, for example: sky-dive, travel the world & create memories, swim with sharks, meet my favorite choreographers & take their classes.

It’s important to remind yourself to not let dreams stay dreams, they have to come to fruition & live in your realm of vision. Your perception of how they should be should come to life. It could be better than you thought or just as great as you havr imagined it.

This post is inspired by Lilly Singh’s book, “How to be a Bawse.” I am doing a #90DayChallenge for myself that presents what I have learned from her book. 


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