Do What’s Best for You





Ph. Fashion Editorials 

“In addition, don t ever feel like your mind, body, and soul are wrong if other people have different ideas about what you should be doing.” -Lilly Singh  

This has happened to me numerous times & then I reverted back to my original thinking of what is best for me & what I want for myself. For example, when I had told a friend whom I am not with anymore about what I want to pursue, she thought I was going to combine the two dreams & be a stylist for music videos & dance videos. That didn’t make any sense to at the time. I thought they were confused.

Now, I’m the one who has better ideas for myself & what I want to pursue for myself. I’m going to keep the two dreams for myself separate from the other to keep me motivated & inspired. 

I’ve been told more than a few times that it’s, “too late,” “unrealistic,” “should have a plan B,” & I’ve been laughed at for telling them my dreams. At the time, I felt like what I said was wrong, however I knew in my mind that I’m right about my dreams. It’s not wrong to pursue them. It’s not wrong to believe in them. It’s not wrong to tell people your dreams, however you have to be careful who you tell. Some people are just curious. 

This post is inspired by Lilly Singh’s book, “How to be a Bawse.” I am doing a #90DayChallenge for myself that presents what I have learned from her book. 

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